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Possible Ulcer???

Hi all,

I have been living with what my PCP feels is GERD.  I was on Prilosec for 6 months then decided to go off it because of headaches, not sure if it was related to the Prilosec.  The GERD is still present and so I have been taking Pepcid on and off, but now I have a dull ache right under my left breast in the area of what is possibly my stomach.  I would like any info anyone can provide about symptoms of ulcers.

Thank you
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Thank you for the info.  Plan on making an appointment tomorrow with GI doc.

Have a good night.
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The pain you describe COULD be an ulcer. It could also be gastritis, or pain associated with a few other conditions. (Just as an example, mild gastroparesis could also present with GERD and stomach pain. Same with an H. Pylori infection.)

I recommend you take this out of your PCP's hands and go see a gastroenerologist. That doc will probably want to do an EGD, and maybe a pH test.

FYI: Headaches are a common side effect of PPI's. I've felt it myself.

Good luck.
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