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Possible wrong diagnosis for Acid Reflux

I am needing some help and hope someone can help to shed some light.  I have constant throbbing in upper throat area and / or in my middle upper chest area (above the breasts and below the neck area).  With these symptoms.... I also have nausea on and off.  When I drink cold water and eat something it seems to cool it down and mask the symptoms but when Im done eating or drinking it flairs up again.   I feel horrible and keep going to the doctor who feels that I have Acid Reflux... he has prescribed Nexium 40 mg twice daily and also Trazodone 100 mg in the evening to relax me and also to help me sleep.   I have been on these meds for over a month and they are not helping.  I never feel good.  I am a breast cancer survivor and was also diagnosed with CLL (chronic lymphocite leukemia) last  year which is in remission.  So I had a body CT scan a couple of weeks ago (with contrast and everything is fine) A few years ago, I started to have some heart issues and last year and an ablation for Atrial Flutter and a procedure for SVT (Supraventricular Tachycardia), the cardiologist says everything with heart is fine and all additional tests for heart is fine.  I just want to feel better... if anyone has ever experienced anything like this and can shed some light...I am feeling so sick.. and dont want to continue feeling like this... no one can seem to help me with what can be wrong or what I can do for this to go away. I am grateful for any info anyone has.  Thank you so much and Kindest regards.
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So, if the meds aren't helping ESPECIALLY trazodone which seems a bit extreme to put you on, talk to your doc about eliminating them.  I have had acid reflux.  Losing weight helped me tremendously and then being mindful of what I eat and when. Eat light or nothing in the later evening.  Watch spicy things.  I just take simple otc pepcid if I have a flare up and it combats it.  You've survived a lot.  You'll get this under control.  Your docs med choices would not be my first pics.   You might consider if this continues also seeing a GI doc.  They can do and know far more than a general doc.
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Thank you so much! You are very helpful and if I recall you were also helpful during my breast cancer journey as that is when I discovered the medhelp forums.  Speaking of the breast cancer forum.... I used to connect alot with Japdip many years back.  Do you know if she is still active and if she is OK? I haven't connected with her some time and noticed she has not posted anything in quite some time.  I have taken your advice and have not taken the trazodone in a while.. I am also weaning myself off of the meds he put me on for acid reflux...   so far the last few weeks have been much better for me.  I also worry about cancer.. since I havent had the best of luck with my health.   I thought though...... with having a full body CT scan with contrast - that if there was anything bad in the esophagus that it would have some how showed up.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read and answer my post. Kindest.
Health worry is real worry.  I think it helps me to know that the best thing I can do is try to live a healthy life with proper eating, exercising, weight management, and sleep. The sleep is one of the hardest for me between my kids, my hormones and the 90 degree heat making my house too warm.  lol  (looking forward to Fall temps soon!).  I think you've had tests that indicate you are okay.  Have you ever tried any of the apps like Calm or Head Space?  I've used Calm.  It's pretty nice for destressing.  Might be something to look into to help with your anxiety.  I have not seen Jagdip for quite some time.  I hope she comes back!  Anyway, I'm always around and am going to send you a friend invite.  :>)  
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