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Post Fundo Application

My mother has had a history of 6 major abdominal surgeries as a result of which she got hiatal hernia. after her medications failed to relieve her symptoms for ten years she had to undergo keyhole fundo application. this is her 2nd post op week. the doc recommended her to take only fluids for 2 weeks since she had to shed 7kgs. (for her obesity. she weighs 79kg). but she had severe dysphagia for takin oral medications. My worry is whether this will continue.. can she tolerate solid food..Pls share ur experience and suggestins for her betterment...  
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  Hi there is another thread with a members experience with this surgery...

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Hi there,

I am now 1 week post-op and maybe I can help.

Day 1-3:  only water and ice and day 3 apple juice, beef/chicken broth and jello.  From thereon it is a soft diet for upto 12 weeks that can include soup, mashed potato, jello, custard, yogurt and later on even mince (just no seasoning/spices except for a bit of salt), fine chicken.

So the liquid diet is only until post-op day 2 and thereafter anything that is soft and that she can tollerate.

You can google "Nissen Fundoplication diet" and will learn a lot more.

All the best and let me know if I can help with any further info.
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Here is the link:

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  Thanks Smiley...I actually posted a link  to ur thread....I am glad u were able to offer some insights.

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