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Pre barrets

My daughter who is 16 now, was diagnosed with pre barretts esophagus, reflux and a hiatel hernia. She is overweight at this time and we are working on loing it. She hasnt been on any medications for any of this as. We had changed up her diet and some of her symptoms resolved. (She had bouts of food becoming stuck in her throat, gagging and vomiting. Once we had to take her to the ER where she recieved glucose to help release food that had become stuck)

My question, what are the chances that my daughter will get esophageal cancer. I have a family history of Eso Ca, and the barretts has been diagnosed in a few of my family members. (my father sister andbrother all either have barretts or the pre barretts)

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I don't have much experience with Barret's but wanted to say Welcome to the Community and sorry  you are going through this.  Why haven't they considered fixing the hiatal hernia?  Also curious why no reflux meds?  I would think they would be considered to preven any further damage.


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