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Pregnant- pregnancy repated GERD, Yellow loose stool/diahreah for 3 weeks?

I am pregant. The last 3 weeks I have had yellow loose stools/sometimes diahreah. It started shortly after I ate bad ice cream (ice cream at room temperature due to a faulty freezer, was at room temp 2-3 weeks.)  My OB is doing some blood and stool tests, so far they have turned out normal... I have been on the 'BRAT' diet for 3 days, with NO change/help to my bowel movements.  

I don't know if this might be related, but I have history of some blood in my stool, about 1 month ago they did a sigmoidoscopy which found a very small pre-cancerous polyp.  They recommend a full colonoscopy later.  I have also been having pain and blood when I wipe- think this is unrelated.  I also have been on antiobiotics 2x during the pregnancy, including antiobiotics that had warning signs about diahrrea on them (3-4 months ago). I have been having awful GERD symtoms for months, have been having to take zantec 75 4x a day, sometimes Mylanta.

Please, any ideas on what is causing the yellow, loose stools/diarrhea would be very much appreciated.
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It could be antibiotic associated diarrhea.
Probiotic supplements could be helpful.
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- Ratnakar Kini M.D.
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