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Prilosec side effects

I started taking Prilosec OTC a couple of weeks ago for really bad heartburn and indigestion. It seems to work reallly good for the acid reflux except for one problem - I stop being able to have bowel movements! I don't go for a week or more and my stomach gets swollen and bloated and then one day I wake up with a terrible stomach ache and cramping. When I finally go to the bathroom I will keep going until its diarrhea. This has happened in a cycle three times now and its miserable! If its the Prilosec then its not worth it! My mom has had almost exactly the same experience with it. Is this a normal side effect of the medicine?
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HI...it could be that is how u react to it...u need to ask ur dr about something else...may be a H2I...instead of a PPI.....

Have u had IBS issues b4?

If it is new for u , deff call ur dr right away and let him know what side effects u have.

Good luck
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