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Prolonged soar throat

Hey it’s been going on 3 months late July to now and my throat has been soar. at first it was very soar accompanied with flu like symptoms that went in and out in terms of saverity for like a month and a half. my throat feels a lot better now there’s no trouble swallowing and no pain it’s just slight dryness and it feels tight directly in the center of my throat towards the middle and bottom

Now the acid reflex I have never been diagnosed or talked to a doctor about it but for many years everytime I would eat it would come back up like small amounts of throw up and it would burn sometimes often I would swallow it and sometimes spit it out but it has never caused my throat to hurt for more than 20 mins or feel like this for this long of a time so idk if this prolonged throat issue is from that or something else

Btw I am 19 and very skinny not overweight and I do eat a lot of spicy foods and junk at times I also have seasonal allergies but they are only bad in the fall (currently) and spring. I feel like it could be a mix of things but it’s just been a long time and it doesn’t seem to go away fully
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