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Prolonged use of PPIs on low stomach acid secretion

I was having some stomach problems about five years ago  and my PCP prescribed  Prilosec. 20 mg 1-2x daily.   I have some other health issues now.  Subclinical hypothyroidism, Hashimoto. I had a complete thyroid panel done about a month ago I have a very deficient B12;  vitamin D deficient.  I read a number of things about prolonged use of PPIs and the lack of  stomach acid, leading to an inability for your system to convert the vitamins into something that your body can use.  I am getting worse, with regards to symptoms from these deficiencies, such as the inability to sleep, horrible skin problems etc. I am getting ready to purchase B 12 in the form of methylcobalamin 5mg lozenges-1 tab, 1-8x daily. My understanding is that given my age of 65 and the low stomach acid secretion, perhaps this form of B 12 would absorb into my system more effectively.?  So that is my question I finally got it out. But I knew you needed some background. I am going to have my pH level checked, however I know I have the deficiency and I need to start on my vitamins. I am also going to wean myself off of the Prilosec which is not easy to do. But I had no guidance in terms of the long term effects. Would love and value an opinion about this situation and I also need to know how much B12, in this form, I should be taking. Labs indicated B 12 was very low- 289 (193-986)ref range.
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