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Protein shakes

I have had acid reflux for almost a year now.I took medications for acid reflux such as nexium and losec for almost half a year, but now I have stopped taking them and use some homeopathic medication and Manuka honey.
I was thinking of starting working out again after a long time and I was wondering weather using Protein shakes could have any adverse affects on my acid reflux? If so Is there any special one i could take that would not bother my acid reflux. And btw the manuka honey is working for me better than any of the medications has ever done.
Thank you for your time.
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HI and welcome to the Gerd forum.
You may want to avoid a shake with dairy products....the dairy slows down the sphinter at the lower end of ur espohagus allowing reflux to occur.

Outside of that and following the other foods to avoid and tips on lifestyle changes you should be able to avoid the excess acid production and meds.

Good luck and please inform us what shake works for you.

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Thanks!....So how about egg protein based shakes..Are eggs considered dairy products?
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Below is copied and pasted from the web.....I think you might want to check ur cholesterol if u stick with the eggs.

[In honor of National Egg Month, I thought I would address a common misconception in the dairy-free community regarding eggs. Sometimes it is the case that the terms dairy products and animal byproducts are confused, and the end result is that eggs, an animal byproduct are thought to also be a dairy product. However, although they are located in the same section of the grocery store, eggs are not dairy.]
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Thankyou so much!..I am going to try egg protein shakes and see how it goes..I wont be taking it for more than 4 months so i guess cholesterol should not be much of a problem..
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I would suggest u check with ur dr...u may want to see where ur levels r b4 u start and check again in 4 months to see if u r affected by it.
Just MHO.

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