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Question about Ranitidine

I am 20weeks pregnant and a doctor at L&D sent me home with Ranitidine 150mg to take once daily, I started getting heartburn just before It was time to take so I took it and now I have SEVERE heartburn and milks not helping,

my question is since I'm 20weeks pregnant is it safe to take anti-acids after taking this med?
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I noticed that Ranitidine and Cemitidine (Tagamet) simply don't work as well as PPIs.  I also don't know how safe any of these are while you're pregnant.  I'm certain that PPIs aren't good, because they can cause malabsorption, which might harm the baby.

I don't know the answer to taking antacids after taking Ranitidine (Zantac).  I just know Ranitidine does nothing for me.

Check with your doctor before doing this, but many people drink aloe vera juice diluted with water to treat their GERD.  Others swear by doing the same thing with apple cider vinegar.  I'm pretty sure they're okay to use in small quantities even while pregnant, but just check with your doctor before attempting.  
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