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Saliva getting stuck in throat?

Hello everyone. I was diagnosed with LPR reflux a few years ago and it's been nothing but hell since. I have visited the ENT docs several times and all they do is prescribe me strong doses of PPIS to control the acid from going into my voice box/vocal chords. This seems to never work and my symptoms have been real;y debilitating in my life, especially the last two years the most. I even had a surgical biopsy to see if I had H pylori (strand of bacteria) in my stomach since a new ENT doctor was convinced this was the root to all my health issues and turns out he was wrong. I had no bacteria, but the tests just told me I had gastritis. My current symptoms include:

constant throat clearing
saliva feeling stuck in the top of my esophagus
constant dry, itchy cough (especially at night)
throat tightening randomly
just a really overall globus feeling all day

I asked if I even had throat cancer and they ruled that out...just do not want to take PPIS my whole life and they seem to not help so much regardless.

Any help or similar experience is appreciated. I find it so frustrating and costly to go to specialty doctors all the time like I've been. :(
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

You did not mention if you modified your diet and lifestyle....meds alone will not help if you continue to eat, drink items that are triggers for you.

Were you tested to see if you may possibly be over producing histamines?
PPI's stopped working for me, as it was not a true acid issue, but more a histamine issue....once on antihistamines I did see improvements.
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