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Searching for Diagnsis

Hi. I've had some seemingly unrelated symptoms that I might just be putting together. My doctor seems to be having trouble diagnosing me as I've had other health problems but now we're down to these symptoms.

1) Chronic cough with clear mucus production and tight chest....This flare has been constant and daily for over 55 days. I've had it happen in the past and my chest got so tight I was always diagnosed with pleurisy.
2) High heart rate from 98 up to 125....wakes me up most mornings. Tends to slow down as the day passes. Doctor even measured at 125.
3) Sharp pain right under left breast....I thought this was pleurisy but a friend told me she was dx'd with Silent GERD due to Hiatal Hernia.

My doctor has done an EKG and Echocardiogram. I had a chest catscan the other night. Still waiting results. If thesr are all normal, do these 3 symptoms come together to sound like GERD? I don't have much, if any, digestive issues but read gases could still be escaping up into esophagus.

I do have a bad habit of eating in bed and am trying to sit up for 2 hours after.

Thank you for any input! If I am way off base I'd like to know. I have called my doctor and am waiting to hear back.
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

You may want to try more then 2 hrs b4 laying down after eating as well as keeping a journal of what you are eating as that could be the culprit as well.....food, bevs, and lifestyle all can trigger symptoms....and you do not need to have ALL symptoms of reflux to have it as you mentioned a friend  has Silent reflux or LPR.....

Talk to your PCP about testing for this....and let us know what you find out.
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Does it seem the 3 main symptoms I'm mentioning are consistent with GERD as I believe?

I started a very alkaline diet about 28 days ago and gave up all carbonated beverages 12 days ago. Does it take time for a new diet to positively effect symptoms?

Thank you for your response!
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  Yes. diet and meds can take time b4 you see benefits....keep in mind if you are stressed out that will be the same as continuing on with the wrong diet....

Keep a journal to see if any foods you are still eating contribute to your flares.
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Thank you Selma. Would you agree that the 3 main symptoms I've mentioned are consistent with GERD  ( cough with mucus, pain in chest especially beneath left breast, and elevated HR in am that lowers throughout day)?

I can't get in to see a specialist until late December!

Thank you for you input and time!
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I should add that I can get a bit of an indigestion feeling below my sternum but I've never had the acid reflux feeling up into my throat.
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  Hi, not everyone with GERD will suffer those symptoms , but if the vagus nerve is compressed it is possible.

Many with GERD also have PND which would include a cough and mucus....so you may want to look into if you over produce histamines and or have allergies....as they with all the drainage will cause GERD.

The chest pain can be GERD related, but always look to your families medical history and have your heart checked to be safe......

Not all with reflux will experience the same symptoms...so it is possible to have reflux and  not have an issue up into your throat...

Modify diet and lifestyle along with meds work best....and always work with your Dr.

Until you see your Dr...keep a journal of what you eat and how you feel...try to elevate the head of your bed to insure you do not have acids getting up into your throat....and do not lay down for 3 to 4 hrs after eating....eat 5 to 6 small meals instead of 3 large ones....a nd  again modify your meals....avoid triggers....and try to relax as stress itself is a trigger.

  If the mucus and cough is persistent....try an OTC antihistamine to help with that and let the Dr know if it helped any .

Good luck and keep us posted.
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Thank you!!!
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