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Severe Bad breath 24/7 due to gerd, Losing the battle

I am having severe bad breath for last 4 years, And mild bad breath for 10  years, Since 2010
Earlier I was not aware that my bad breath was due to gerd, I put a lot of money on the Dentists(Artificial teeth), ENT, CPAP (Sleep Apnea), Naturopathy, Online doctors etc. Lately discovered severe bad breath is due to gerd, I brush 4 times a day, Keep tooth paste and tongue cleaner in my pocket, My weight was 112 KG, I have reduced it to 92 KG's but still the bad breath problem is there, Almost everyone around me knows I have a severe bad breath, My professional life has become hell ? Some one please help ?
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Sorry to hear. I know that is hard because of not only you having gerd but the social implications and self esteem problems of having chronic bad breath.  That's so hard.  So, I have a weird theory.  Do you have sinus issues?  I have a son that does.  He can have atrocious breath.  He has seasonal allergies and other allergies as well.  After being sick, the breath started and wasn't going away.  I have him muscinex.  It got better.  Stopped the muscinex, back is the bad breath.  So, when his mucus is moving slowly, it's a problem and that happens when his sinuses are acting up or his allergies.  When we work on that, no bad breath.  Drinking extra fluid helps him keep the mucus moving.  .  A netti pot.  His allergy medicine.  Those things help.  Just wondering if you have ever looked at it from that point of view.  And I will tell you that my son doesn't have really obvious allergy or sinus issues all the time. I know he's having a problem when I smell his breath. Then we treat.  Then it goes away.  Just an extra thing to consider.  Let me know if you think this matches your situation at all.
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