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Severe Heart burn????

Iv'e been having severe chest pressure pain beetween my throat down to the middle of my chest when I eat,drink or swallow. Iv'e taken Aciphex and It hasn't worked! The pressure in my chest hurts really bad when i eat like theres a big block of wood in the middle of my chest, and sometimes it hurts enough to where I could cry!!!!! I also tried taking Zantac and it again did not work! the pain\pressure gets worse everyday. it ownt go away. What might I have?????????????????
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Hi and welcome to the forum.
U did not mention how long u took the meds for. And it does take awhile for the meds to bcome effective.

In addition to the meds u also have to follow tips on lifestyle changes and foods to avoid.

Have u been to a GI dr?...if not please see one to get the proper meds and dosage.

May I ask r u also having IBS issues at the same time as ur severe chest pain? How about stress...r u under alot of stress?

Please see our Health Pages here on MedHelp and read Safe foods for gerd and see the tips on how  to lessen acid production. IE: elevate ur bed ect....

please keep us posted on ur progress
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