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Severe erosive esophagitis help please

Hi I was diagnosed with moderately severe erosive esophagitis and chronic mild gastritis a month ago via endoscopy and biopsy. I have been on 40 mg omeprazole QAM for 4 and a half weeks and 300 mg ranitidine Qhs. I have no relief of my symptoms. Esophagus feels as something is stuck in it much of the time with sharp pains and burning in chest, arms and back much of the day as well. It doesn't matter if my stomach is empty or I have eaten. Symptoms are the same and I am getting very little if any relief from the meds.

Is there anything that can help or am I in trouble? I am very worried. I don't smoke, drink alcohol or eat spicy foods and always maintained a very healthy life style. I am mainly a vegan and exercise every day. I would so appreciate any advice. Thank you!
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

There still may be something in ur Vegan diet that is causing ur symptoms to flare, try keeping a journal of what u eat, when , how much, and how u feel after...as it may be something most would not have a reaction to, we are all different and it may be something u consider safe with GERD...but for u it is not.

Also talk with ur Dr and see what suggestions he/she may have as it could be the meds u have do not work for u, or it may just take a little longer for results....I know some it took up to 6 weeks b4 seeing results...so be patient and talk with ur Dr about the meds if u do not feel better and talk over the journal and see if ur Dr can spot an issue in it for u.

Good Luck
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Thank you so much for your reply Selma. I am seeing a new gastroenterologist tomorrow and hopefully he will be able to put me on a different med(s) that will provide relief. I am feeling worse than before and it's overwhelming to think I might never feel better. It's 24/7 of being so uncomfortable. I appreciate the info, thanks again.

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New gastroenterologist put me on 60 mg dexilant bid (and has discontinued the omeprazole and ranitidine) and is doing another endoscopy tomorrow AM because he thinks it could be related to my shingles outbreak in January.

He said my case is an interesting one and is one for the journals. Great lol but at least he listened to what is happening with me unlike the other gastroenterologist. Fingers crossed he will be able to figure out what is happening re my back, arms and chest burning, esophagitis and how to help.

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  Goodness no idea u had shingles....it is possible for them to go inward and I pray that is not the reason....

Do keep us posted on how u r progressing.
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I will Selma, thanks. Now you have me worried. When he mentioned the possibility today (which I had thought of last month when this all started but all my doctors said it couldn't be) I was actually relieved there might be an answer and help. Now though I am worried about what that might mean. :(
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  I didn't mean to worry u, just think it may play a role in what is going on...ur Dr has more info on what to look at then someone with no medical training, so if ur Dr didn't make a big deal of it,..then relax....

They can treat it with anti inflammatory meds  and rest...

Don't let my comment upset u....wait to see what the Dr says....
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