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Shortness of breath, nausea in morning

Hello everybody,

Since a few years when I Wake up I have this sensation of nausea and don't feel like eating nothing for the first hour of more.

I have been diagnosed with Anxiety 2 years ago,I have always shortness of breath and pressure in left side of chest.I have had a ECG and lugs x ray with blood test everything went came out OK.

Yesterday I ate something deep fried and few minutes after eating my difficulty breathing went raising a lot, and i was caughing and sensation mucus was in my throat.

now Today still more difficuly breathing than normally, pressure in chest and sensation burt is stuck in my throat and cannot get out, only after a few minutes.

I have searched the web and found GERD. is this what I have?

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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

There is no way for ne of us to know for sure if this what u have u need to be seen by a Dr in order to find out. There are many things that could be going on,...so know ur family medical history and see ur Dr and then let us know what u find out

Good Luck,

PS- avoid greasy and spicy foods until u see the Dr,,.as it will help if u do have GERD,.
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Nux Vomica and Gelsemium are good for what ails you.  Nux Vomica is for nausea, and can even cure ulcers!  Gelsemium is good for anxiety and stage fright.  Helps calm the stomach. -  Believe it or not, dilll pickles sometimes help as they have vinegar which settles the acid in the stomach.  Cabbage is also an ulcer cure.  Cooked or in coleslaw.  - Just please don't have the surgery that doctors are recommending.  I had a fundoplication and and thinking of having it reversed.  Big mistake.
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