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Should I seek medical attention?

Hi - After waking up this afternoon with 'heartburn'. The issue seems to be persisting.

What happened:
I went to sleep and woke up due to sharp, warm pains in my stomach region. After taking a over the counter variety of antacids (gaviscon) the sharp pain subsided however, there was a continuing, sporadic pain around the same area.

Four hours on the pain keeps returning as (I assume) my stomach refills with acid. I keep my head/upper back elevated and lay on my right side to try and keep the stomach acids furthest away from the pain zone as possible and this does provide some relief, but as soon as I move and anything moves in my stomach the pain returns in full. Continued consumption of antacids does control the sharp pain symptoms however but never causes the more sporadic dull pain to subside. I'm increasingly becoming more nausiated but not allowing myself to vomit. I also haven't passed a stool yet so I wouldn't be able to check for blood.

I was reading that the 'damage' from the stomach acids could have potentially caused  a wound and this could be bleeding into my stomach (which could be the cause of the nausea)

The affected area is warm to the touch but not hard, lumpy or swollen. Nevertheless the pain will not subside.

What could be the cause? and if this required direct medical attention or should I just stick with it for 24 hours and see if it passes on its own?
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Hi and welcome to the GERD forum

Seek medical help as there is no way we can "tell" what is going on from a description and a Dr can not either.....testing needs to be done.

Let us know what you find out

Good luck
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