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Silent LPR from caffeine. Very much want normal coffee

I (30m) have LPR / Gerd from consuming coffee all around the clock for several years. Only symptom is a sore throat. Almost never classic heartburn. As long as I haven't been having caffeine I can eat pretty much whatever, though I may get some GERD cough. Seems like if I just do decaf and don't eat chocolate I can eat just about whatever with no throat, super spicy, fat stuff, whatever.

Coffee has been a major part of my life. Drinking straight black coffee was a highly enjoyable and healthy activity. I am somewhat of a conneseur. Decaf is a significant step down. I have been trying to go with caffeinated coffee for a while now with the hope of healing and being able to just have normal coffee again. However if I ever get back to a routine of having AM coffee (maybe like five cups in a morning), it comes back.

So I assume the issue is a weak esophageal sphincter. Not sure if I can strengthen it. I saw some exercises online that might help. Aside from that does anyone have any advice on how I can have coffee normally again? It is pretty important to me.
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Oh boy.  Feeling your post.  I also like a cup of coffee but usually in the morning.  But I also have loved pop . Pop I have given up and boy, do I miss it.  Sigh.  What if you have less than 5 cups? Could you have 2 max? I'm currently taking otc acid pills.  Trying to lose some weight which will hopefully help my gerd.  
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This article has some ideas on different coffee's.  Perhaps switching to something different would help? https://www.healthline.com/health/gerd/coffee-tea#coffee
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