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Slight Nausea after eating

I am a 38 Y.O. Male. I had my Gallbladder remover 8 years ago, and have suffered from GERD for many years and take Prilosec OTC for it. Since my Gallbladder operation I occasionally get a pain that starts in my stomach, moves up my chest and down to my groin area. This pain makes me EXTREMELY nauseous and light headed (to the point where I have to lay down) The only thing that helps is eating something like bread and drinking a glass of water, and that usually does the trick. and Lately I have been getting nauseous after eating or drinking, but there is no pain. ...I have had an upper GI, CT Scans ETC....the only test that I know of I have not had is an endoscopy. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing either of these issues?
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Since you find relief with eating and drinking water duodenal ulcer is a possibility.
An upper GI endoscopy may be done for evaluation.
Prilosec should be taken for relief.
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