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Spasms in sternum / epigastric area during exercise

I have had GERD for a few years, since having my gallbladder removed in 2009. It recently became severe last year in June, and I had surgery (LINX) just a few weeks ago (March 24th) to fix it. I have had a rocky recovery, and I have been having some of the same symptoms I had before. The most concerning one is, during exercise, I get pressure and tightness in my sternum / lower chest area and my it feels like my heart is pounding in my throat (a spasm like feeling.) I noticed that when I do not eat or drink for at least 4-6 hours it is much better, but the feeling frightens me since it feels like a heart problem. It causes shortness of breath and a feeling of light headedness. I have to stop working out and catch my breath. Burping seems to help, which makes me think it's just pressure in my epigastric area. I also had a hiatal hernia repaired, though it was not sutured. Anyone ever felt this sensation? I am beginning to feel even more broken than before. I am considering seeing a cardiologist for a stress echocardiogram to rule out a heart condition. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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