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Spitting blood, from throat? Do i have Gerd?

Last month I began to spit up (no coughing) a little bit of blood when I wake up in the morning. I went to the doctor and got an xray and my lungs were fine. My doctor thinks the blood probably came from my mouth. Since then, I sometimes do spit up some blood when I wake up in the morning, and i find it especially after lying down on the bed for a long period of time. However, it stopped for a while.
This week, I felt that my throat has been swelling after I woke up and spat some blood. I was very alarmed seeing blood again and the swelling of the throat is new to me. I went to see the doctor again, and she has suggested me to see a ENT doctor which I have booked an appointment with.  could this and the spitting of blood be from acid reflux?
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Hi..it is possible that u have a sinus issue and the ENT is the next best place to go....if not.....u will need more testing to see.

I am not a dr so I can not tell u one way or the other....but if u have a good ENT dr I am sure u will find out what is going on.

Please post an update on ur progress.

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