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Stomach Pain

I have had 2 attacks in last 2 months. I have severe stomach pain that includes severe pain under my shoulder blades (still in the center of my back). I feel like I'm going to pass out, I can hardly speak. I lay down on my left side for some relief. I take a lot of Mylanta which relieves the pressure (lots of burping!!). Eventually, I take extra strength Tylenol for the pain. I break out in a complete sweat and it takes me a full day to recover. The first attack I had 2 slices of toast the attack lasted 5 hours. The next attack I didn't have anything to eat for a couple of hours, it lasted 2 hours. My doctor gave me an upper abdomen ultrasound and said everything is normal. He said I have acid reflux. I had acid reflux after having my kids and it doesn't seem like the same thing? Can you give me any insight into what I'm experiencing? Also, my doctor scheduled a lower abdomen ultrasound next week.
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Peptic ulcer disease and pancreatitis are the possibilities.
An upper GI endoscopy and CT scan of the abdomen may be done for evaluation.
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