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Stomach pain and a bad head ache that normaly only happens at night! Help!

Im not positive if this is the right section for me to be asking this but!

For the past couple years on and off Ive had what feels to be stomach pains with a headache that always occur together and seem to happen only at night 99% of the time. Sometimes during the day but rare. In the beginning it was really bad, it would happen every day sometimes more then once a day. Now it happens every other day, every couple, every few! Ive been to different doctors and all theyve given me is pills, pills, and more pills! I used to have a peptic ulcer so they all assume its related.. maybe it is, maybe it isnt but the pills theyve given me I dont feel have worked so.. I took to the herbal route and started taking a capsule of ceyenne pepper a day which seems to have helped immensely, Im even considering drinking aloe vera juice. Anyways! The pain in my stomach feels like a gnawing, nauseating pain.. and the headache is well the icing on the cake. I truly dont believe that I have anything serious.. Im thinking my stomach could have been weakened from when I did have a peptic ulcer, or something to do with acid reflux, or maybe its possible i have a food allergy. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas.. I would greatly appreciate it like you wouldnt believe! Help!


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Hi there Tammy,

Headaches are not related to GERD and stomach pains are unfortunately non-specific.  The only way to know if your stomach pains are GERD related is to try Gaviscon or OTC Zantac and see if it makes it better.  Have you had a look at your overall diet?

Ceyenne Pepper may be a bit hectic if you still have a peptic ulcer and I would not recommend that.

Your headaches can be blocked sinuses, stress or frowning, high bloodpressure (and Cyenne powder will actually lower BP and improve your headache!)

I hope some of the info has helped you.
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Have you had any endoscopies done recently at all?  

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