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Stomache pains/heartburn on young female

I am a heathy 22 year old female.  I have been having stomache pains along with what feels like heartburn randomly for almost a week.  It gets worse after eating sometimes. I sometimes feel a little light headed as well.  I am on birth control pills but nothing else.  Do you have any idea what this might be?
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Hi...how long r u on the birth control....??

What else do u take?..vitamins...????

If u feel this may be from the birth control, let ur dr know as they may be able to give u a diff  dosage or type that may not have this affect on u.

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I have been having the same symptoms and i am also 22 female, but i do not take birth control. I am going to see my doctor hopefully this Wed and i'll be sure to post back here with what he says ...Hope it will be helpful
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So I actually got into the Doctors today and I just got back and she told me that it is a mild case of Acid -Reflux. She perscribed me some stronger Zantac pills. So id just stop by the Doctors and get a quick check up. I already am feeling better...Hope you do Too!
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