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Strangling sensation that is progressing

I’ve been having what feels like a strangling sensation for months, and it’s been getting way worse. The mechanism in my mouth to swallow feels off and there’s this weird pressure in my throat. It’s so bad sometimes I feel like there’s hardly enough room to swallow, but I can breathe okay.

Weird metallic bitter taste in my mouth, burning mouth syndrome, throat burning, build up of what feels like too much spit and phlegm or mucus. Uncomfortable if anything touches around my neck, makes sensation worse. I’m miserable and can’t figure it out. Any food or liquids even water make it worse. It also feels like tons of trapped air in my throat and I burp after still water which makes no sense.

I am seeing an ENT next week but was wondering if anyone has had something similar. I guess with how bad things felt I just thought it was something more serious.
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I have somthing similar mate, I have LPR reflux sometimes called silent reflux, same burning mouth and throat, irritation inside mouth and swollen neck sensation.
I also have so many questions about what is and what normal with this condition.
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