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Sudden onset LPR

I had a piece of food lodged in the back of my throat for about 10 days.  Had excessive coughing the whole time  and finally was able to get it out.  I went to ENT on day 15 and he didn't see anything but diagnosed me with LPR because I said I had pieces of that food still coming up and a tickle in my throat and chest when breathing.  Prescribed omeprazole 40 mg twice a day.  It has been 2 weeks and still have burning mouth and tongue and stones that sting when they come up and make me salivate. All this even though I have followed the LPR diet to a T, taken medicine same time every day and elevate head of bed at night.  I have always been a very healthy eater, exercise, not overweight and have never had one episode of even heart burn.  Is it possible that I have a hiatial hernia from the excessive coughing protruding through my esophagus?
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