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Super problematic nausea not sure if GERD

Since like 4 months ago when i got food poisoning one day i started feeling nauseous when going outside.Everyday after that had been trying to figure things out with doctors but nobody has found anything out.School ended and i started ignoring the nausea but now schools is about to start again and i really cant go.
This seems life ruining for me right now

Some  things i feel are like a clump in my throat that feels like theres vomit coming up on my throat and a lot of burping where i can feel or like taste what i last ate sometimes and its really unnatural.When waking up in the morning and have to go places i cant make myself eat even the smallest thing beacuse even that upsets the nausea a lot for some reason.I read up something one time where someone said that they had this thing where their stomach produced a lot of acid and that being anxious made it a lot worse and that acid would travel up the windpipe and thats what causes the nausea.Id assume thats GERD.

The feeling of nausea is overpowering.Its becoming super problematic.Doctors here that im talking to are being completely useless.I really need help with this from anyone with medical knowledge or anyone else suffering from a similiar thing.What should i do if i want to get to places that are stressful like work or school(in this case school)without the need of medicine or long medical talks?Id love to talk it out with a doctor if i can somehow slug myself to school or if need be if i cant get to school at all so what should i say to convince one of these guys to properly diagnose my symptoms.
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hm you know what I wonder?  Is this perhaps also anxiety related?  That it is manageable when you are out of school but begins when school starts.  I have had good luck with otc gerd medication such as pepcid. Eat smaller meals.  Lose weight if you need to.
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