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Swallowing problems

I have been struggling to swallow food and water for a few years now. I have had all the tests out there and the only thing found was that i might be taking to much oxygen in???  I have to try and drink warm water really fast to push water or food down, this either comes straight back up or releases a big burp. Any ideas? Thanks, Chris.

This discussion is related to nonerosive gastritis, diffuse h pylori negative.
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If it is an anxiety problem, you could get relaxation therapy with biofeedback.  This would teach you how to relax and not hyperventilate.  The condition is called dysphagia.  Phagophobia is what doctors seem to think you have.  If you are very anxious, perhaps that is true, but then again if a person has trouble swallowing, it could make them anxious.  So I hope you get it figured out.  Good article:  

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What tests have you had done exactly?
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I have acid reflux  and sometimes I have trouble swallowing so i chew my food alot and whenever I can't swallow I calm myself and usually cough and it helps
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