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Symptomless GERD

*This is my second time posting this question*

Hi--I recently had an Upper GI for nausea and the test came back normal except for a "small amount" of reflux. I was surprised to hear this since I have never had heart burn in my life, even when I was pregnant. My GP does not want to put me on any medication since she said there are no symptoms to treat. She said to take 2 tums at night since it could do damage to my esophagus when I lay down but other than that I didn't need to take anything. I have been reading a lot about how acid reflux can errode your esophagus and am worried. I sometimes feel a very slight burning in my throat. Would something like Prevacid be a good choice for me? My GP said long term use of PPI's can cause problems so that is why she didn't recommend any. I have read that they can cause absorption problems but have not read much else.

What would you recommend for someone in my situation? I am 25 years old and otherwise fairly healthy. I have borderline high cholesterol, if that matters.

Thank you!
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Almost everyone has reflux episodes and most are symptomless.
Since you have slight burning in your throat you cant call your GERD as symptomless GERD.
PPI is the drug of choice for GERD.All the PPI are almost of same efficacy.
If you are pregnant avoid omeprazole (prilosec).Otherwise you can take any PPI.
PPI can affect the absorption of calcium.But it is an issue only in elderly individuals and not in young individuals like you.

So I recommend PPI for you.
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