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Tenderness in abdominal area

I need help I’ve been dealing with abdominal tenderness since October. Let me say first I have acid reflux but was completely fine before all this happened.  No issues at all. I was laying in bed on my back bc I had a warm sensation where my esophagus meets my stomach. I was upset Because i had just lost my uncle. It made me sick to my stomach. I rolled over on my back and just as I was about to fall asleep  I jerked my upper body forward and pulled something in my upper abdominal area under my breast bone. where I had the warm sensation. It was tender to touch so I thought I just pulled a muscle, but when I rolled over my mouth started burning, which was strange. I got up the next morning and could barely walk. It pulled every time i took a step. I had pressure in my chest. The pressure went all the way to my throat. Every time I took a step I would feel pressure in my throat and chest. It freaked me out. I made my way to the bathroom looked in the mirror, and the inside of my mouth was blood red. I had a EGD U/S CT with contrast, and X-ray all were normal. Did I give myself a hernia. Bc strangely what I did has made my reflux worse. But surely jerking like that wouldn’t cause a hernia. My Doctor told me if I had one it would have showed. I was also on a high antibiotic. 875mg of amoxicillin. But I can’t make since of this. Can someone give me their opinion. I haven’t been the same since. And the tenderness hasn’t left I’m able to walk now but the tenderness is still their. When I press on it. My reflux hasn’t be the same since either. Can someone tell me what this might be. Hope to get a quick response. Thanks!
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Hello~I hope that by now you are feeling better.

You could very well have caused a small hernia, especially if your diaphragmic wall is thin, so many folks that have anxiety have these Hiatal hernias. The fact that your acid reflux is no better tells me this could be the case. The only way it would show up is if the doctor did an upper GI, otherwise, they don't show up.

You mentioned that you were on antibiotics, these can cause some acid reflux issues as well. They take out the "friendly bacteria" If this is the case, then taking a good, high-p0tency probiotic would benefit you.

On a closing note, I would also see a chiropractor, mine pulls mine down. Also, some areas in your mid back could be impinging some nerves causing this issues.

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