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Throat feels like it’s closing up?

Hey guys, the last week I’ve been having pretty bad acid reflux and I’m wondering if it is capable of making my throat feel like it’s closing up? It’s been so hard to swallow and my throat aches so bad? What can I do to ease the irritation if it is acid reflux? It literally feels like I’ve been choked for a week straight and like there’s a lump in my throat when I swallow.
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If like me you smoke with it yes it has caused times of panick rare but some occurances of serious panick as incapable to breath efficiently simultaneously burning at that time from reflux I miss swallowed byliva seemingly self occuring from that throat burning filling the mouth causing hard to swallow moments, so yes not to say it is that but yes it can cause inability to swallow and difficulty inhaling simultaneously especially as a smoker for damn sure it does don't smoke with hiatus hernia period and don't drink alcohol coffee teak even decafs no chocolate no sugar no fruit or fruit juice or even bananas your asking for a double throat clutching burning session for sure. But seek a gp diagnosis before any further thing as re-flux can be easily mimicking other things like heart issues etc don't take a forums answer for fact go pro then forum following up on it.
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