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Trouble swallowing (dysphagia)

Does anyone else have difficulty swallowing food, and is there anything they've found helps?!

I've had difficulty swallowing for over a year now. I can manage mashed potatoes/ pureed food, but anything lumpy or too solid feels like it leaves bits behind in my throat or as a lump in my esophagus which is very uncomfortable. It began with severe reflux which came on suddenly (I hadn't had problems before) and bloating/constipation etc. I've had lots of tests (barium swallow, endoscopy, manometry, blood tests) all of which were negative apart some esophagitis, so the assumption is that it is due to acid reflux. I'm taking ppi's which have helped a lot but don't necessarily notice the reflux now (I don't get heartburn) though I sometimes get a taste in my mouth. A 24 hr acid test didn't find anything unusual surprisingly (though I was feeling pretty good at the time), but I definitely notice that the swallowing gets worse for a few days if I drink any alcohol, or don't prop myself up in bed, which sounds like it is due to the acid.

Any ideas?
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I have the exact same symptons and almost for a year in Sept.  My problems started the day of Cervical surgery.  I have had all the test's you mentioned except for the 24 hr acid test.  Please keep in touch and I will do the same.  It will be nice having someone else to talk to who can relate.  I will be 55 years old in June.
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