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Trouble swolling food

I've been having trouble swallowing food for a year and a half, most daily when I eat a couple of times when i swallow food it sticks and I don't have any other symptoms apart from this. I have had camera down throat and barium swallow. The specialist told me its probably swelling i have near the tonsil area and it will go away in years and the doctor told me it was probably muscle spasms. I just wondered if there if anything I could do to help it for example medication.
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I have had the same problem for 17 years. My problem is acid reflux and when my esophagus gets really inflamed, that's how it affects me. My food has that "stuck" feeling. It has gotten bad again within the last 6 months. I'm getting ready to have my 3rd EGD next week just to make sure my esophagus doesn't need to be dilated because that can sometimes happen after years of acid reflux. I have taken zantac or prilosec over the past 17 years and that always helped until this past January. I have been on Protonix for 7 weeks, it is finally beginning to help, but I am still going on with the scope next week. In the past when this is at its worse, it has always taken the meds about 8 weeks to "Kick" in. Weight gain made the acid reflux bad for me. I have lost almost 40 lbs since January. This has helped tremendously. I cannot over eat now.   If you've had the scope did inflamation show up? It could also be spasms like the dr. said. My food gets stuck down in my chest, but sometimes my throat bothers me and I feel like that is what is called cricopharyngeal spasms. You could do a google search on that word and there is all kinds of info about that. Stress and worry definitely make it all worse! I try not to panic when it happens becasue that just makes it worse. Anyways if your scope was fine then it shouldn't be anything to worry about. I know it just gets old being like that. You could check with your dr, but zantac and prilosec are readily available OTC. Good luck!
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the endoscopic camera does a pretty fair job, but doctors are human. i have had more then 20 of them & 3 surgeries to boot. research dairy foods & others that stick such as cheese. if it gets worse with other symptoms then see doc
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on the last surgery, they took most of my stomach. i was told that on the next time they would take all of it and even part of esophaguse and wind up with feeding tube. not for me unless it becomes cancer and only then will i concider it !!!
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