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Trying to avoid GERD surgery...

Hi. I'm trying to avoid getting the hiatal hernia/GERN surgery nissen fundoplocation, but I may have to.   I've been on all the PPI meds for 20 years and they just aren't supposed to be used for that long.  There's a reason we have acid in our stomach and we need it!  Looking for any of the less known ways to treat this without meds which I may not have heard of.  I do all the well-known things such as elevate the bed, eat small meals, no fatty greasy foods, minimal caffeine, alcohol and chocolate (even tried taking vinegar with meals under the assumption some GERD is from too little acid), take baking soda with mineral water when it's bad, but those just aren't enough.  

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don't know but i prary you find it
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Have you tried Domperidone?  Check with your gastroenterologist about this.  This isn't a FDA approved drug (although it may be by now).  I went through all the prescriptions available, etc., and this finally worked for me.  Good luck.
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Many people with GERD are overweight, particularly in the abdomen.  I have GERD myself and I know my weight is part of the problem.  If at all possible, do you think you could lose some abdominal fat? It might help.  My husband (aged 60) uses ALLI and has lost 30 pounds, mostly from his abdomen.  Very best wishes!  Maggie PT
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Thanks Magvit,

I have about zero body fat and washboard abs so that's not an issue. And the other common risks don't apply (I don't smoke, I eat small healthy meals etc.) Pretty sure my main problem is the hiatal hernia.

Cookie, the PPIs work fine so if I wanted to stay on meds I would just continue with those.  I can't imagine any meds that would work except by reducing acid dramatically, which isn't good long term (we need that to digest - now I have osteopenia).  Trying to get off meds somehow and still protect my esophagus - I can ignore the pain and burning, but cancer and dying isn't a good option! - or I'll have to resort to the surgery (which is likely)...
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my husband has had the nissen wrap and it hasnt help his GERD, his is hrontic and he has taken from over the counter to nexium to zerig and so on.. now he has barretts in the esphogus.. which he has to go for a survillance cancer screening now.. he has had this over 16 plus years, constantly clearing his throat, sounds yucky but he cant help it.. he doesnt smoke or drink.... any suggestion on his part?
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Hi puppi.  That's frustrating that he had NF and still got barretts. Did he have barretts before the procedure?  I think you  may need a second opinion by a GI surgeon who has done many NFs.  Maybe it wasn't done right the first time or it reverted (I think if somebody gets violently sick, like food poisoning vomiting, it can undo it).   With barretts it's urgent you make sure he reduces the acid contact with that area...
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its bad and i hate it for him he has got a 2nd opinion and same thing.. his nissen wrap has lossen up some but overall good.. but he is so tired of clearing his throat and spitting up.. i feel for him... he is 48 yrs old
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