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Hi my name is sue,
and for the last 3 - 5 days my tummy has been acting up.
I feel constantly bloated and just an all round uncomfortable feeling in the stomach.
I hear bubbles and gurgling sounds from my stomach every now and then and
i have pretty bad diarrhea. (to the point where my poo is no longer solid and is basically
like watery) I also am getting very gassy. Both burping and farting, in fact
last night when i farted a little liquid poo came out. I know it sounds gross and it is!
but can someone, ANYONE tell me what wrong with me?!
I have not vomited but feel nausea's at time to time and it could be due to something
i ate but i thought if it was food poisoning it would of been gone by now. Please help!
i'm trying to give you as much as i can so you can diagnose me.
At the moment all i have been eating is grained plain toast with veggie trying to drink
as much water as possible but last night i had steak! Not a good idea!
My tummy sometimes feels normal though but then it tricks me into thinking im fine
and i get my hunger back but i know if i eat something too oily or something then i'll
feel really sick afterwards!
Sometimes i get chills and feel as though i may have had a fever but dont know.
Havent been to the doctors. My family says its just Gastro but i dont think it is.
Am i Wrong?
or is it a flu virus?
thankyou so much!
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I would recommend that you take Align probiotics. I had similar symptoms and was told that my gall bladder needed to come out. I didn't buy that and went to a gastroenterologist who ordered a hydrogen breath test which showed I had an excessive amount of bad gut bacteria, probably from some past antibiotic treatment. He recommended Align, after putting me on an antibiotic to kill off the bad gut bacteria. I have been pretty much normal ever since and this was over five years ago. I also drink Kefir as this also helps add beneficial probiotics to the gut.
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