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Update on my 10yr old visit to Pedi GI today ...

She  had her appt at the GI today ..the Ped GI feels most likely the reflux is from the constipation and pushing up and that the Prevacid may have added to the constipation!!!!!

Most likely, it is a temporary lactose intolerance coupled with some IBS (constipation) bcz of a post-infectious reaction from a virus we all had in Feb even though it was only one day.  But Dr. is doing stool cultures to be certain not parasite or bacterial infection (3 days' worth of poop collections ick I have to do) and gave us all sorts of info on limiting her fibre intake to only 15grams per day, etc.  I am not to  increase fibre bcz of the bad gas she has ..  Careful on diet additives (such as sorbitol, etc.) and also careful about carbs .. fine line to get her baselined and then intro foods again slowly .. but if she doesn't see the results she (the dr) expects within a time she has set then they will do more tests .. sounds reasonable and conservative approach to me.

Since she has had this on/off since toddler it is a reactionary type of thing from virus most likely .. temporary lactose intolerance & IBS ... so that means no milk even though not allergic  -- she isn't making the enzymes needed to digest it so the bloating, gas, intestinal pain exists.

Not stress related

I am to buy Beano for her to use on regular basis and see if that helps with the lactose and gas and continue on Miralax laxative w/o a doubt.

Long appt was 45mins 1 X 1 with the Pedi GI but all good answers.

Sooooo that is where we are.  


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Gary did become lactose intolerent after having Coxsakievirus a few years agoi. This was a problem since he is allergic to soy. Five weeks of no dairy and he was fine. Good luck!
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THANK YOU so much ... how is it going by you?  I will read your other post in a moment ... think of you alot!

So now this makes 4 out of 4 who have seen the pedi GI .. the one in Central Jersey .. what a hike in the pouring rain yesterday!

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Wow, you really do have your hands full.  4 out of 4, is that all of your little ones who have had to see a GI?  Your poor kids, that's got to be hard on you all.  Glad you got some good answers, and I hope she feels better soon.
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yes, and the dog has seasonal allergies!
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Really?  I had no idea dogs had them, but I guess it makes sense.  You poor thing!  My cat has anxiety attacks, I thought that was bad, but we have learned how to deal with him.  Hope this season is not too ruff!
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Yes, I give 1tsp of Benadryl to the dog!   Anxiety attacks for a cat .. what next!

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We used to to Miralax on a regular basis and it helped alot with the intestinal cramps and pain. Another thing to try is oatmeal if she will eat it. That really keeps the poops moving! Then as she got a little older and started eating more veggies it seemed to be okay as long as she didnt eat too many carbs.  
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