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Upper back pain for months

I am a  29 years old female diagnosed of having fibroid. I experienced my period 18 days after the last (cycle of 26-27 days) with excessive bleeding. I also suffer persistent severe upper back pain (behind my chest and very sharp pain behind the breast bone). I belch a lot and experience bloatness and stomach flatulence. I also experience abdominal pain and head aches. Sometimes I feel like choking but feel relieved when I belch or take deep breaths! I get tired easily.

I have done  x-ray,ct scan, stool culture and all negative. ESR 90

What do you suggest is causing the severe back pain that has lasted for months?
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Hi...I am not a dr, but had similar issues yrs ago...may I ask, do u have an issue with ur bowel?
How often are u able to go, and it is normal size and consistency?

Have u been checked for gall bladder issues, stones?.....

...a hiatal hernia?.....on meds for reflux?

A GI dr as well as a good GYN should be able to help u after an exam and tests.

How often r ur HA's and it is when straining to go?
Have u been checked for thyroid issues...which can affect ur hormones and could be y u r having close menstrual cycles.

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