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Very light colored stool, almost white?

So 4 days ago I used the bathroom as normal, and my stool was almost an off white in color. I was concerned,but once I looked some things on Omeprazole; Some people had similar experiences. I've been on it for 3 months now though, and it just seems very odd this is just happening. My stool has been the same until today. I went to bed and woke up at 6am and my stomach was upset. I felt a little nauseated and stomach hurt a little, nothing more than annoyance level of pain. I got some water drank some and laid back down. My stomach started to hurt a little more. I went to use the bathroom and it was a bright yellow diarrhea with half brown stool and half white stuff. Along with that it, looked a little like there was pure fat or mucus in it. Is this a reaction the Omeprazole?

As a side note, 3 months ago I was treated for a stomach ulcer. My doc put me on 3 meds for 8 weeks. I felt great after the first 6 and felt perfectly normal after I finished the treatment. My weird stomach issues to arise back up until 4 days ago. Is this a sign my stomach ulcer is back, or is this something more serious. I did read that light colored stool can be some serious stuff if left unchecked.

I called my doc and he said it would be 2 weeks before they could see me. They also said if I started to lose consciousness or feel ill to get to the ER immediately. I try not to read into stuff online too much, but I did read about liver problems causing this. I don't even know what I start to feel like if I was getting sick. I also don't want stress over this, I'm extremely busy right now, and cannot afford to end up in a hospital.

Am I worrying too much?
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