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Vocal Cord Dysfunction and Gerd

I have been diagnosed with Vocal Cord Dysfunction which Drs think was caused by GERD.  I can understand that how gastric reflux could cause vocal cord dysfuntion.  What I dont understand is why now my vocal cords are so sensitive to perfumes, fumes from cars etc, now.  Also is it possible that I am also losing my hearing, can this be connected?
Thanks, Jackie

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Hi Jackie,
In GERD, the stomach contents goes up in to the food pipe. In severe cases, the reflux may reach even the mouth and this is when you have sour or bitter taste in your mouth. The vocal cords are seen in the respiratory pathway which lies in front of the upper opening of the food pipe. So in severe GERD the contents spill in to this. Repeated episodes injure the vocal cords.

If this occurs for a long time, the vocal cords and the respiratory pathway become hypersensitive. Thats why you are sensitive to perfumes, fumes etc.

Loss of hearing is not related to GERD.
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- Ratnakar Kini M.D.
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