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Waking up with stomach spasm

Hi.  I’ve tried to manage GERD for years. Now taking pantropazole 40 mg/1xdaily. I wake up in the middle of the night with a mild stomach spasm or cramp that seems to feel like the stomach is empty or dried out. Once up I have a very difficult time getting back to sleep. Has anyone had experience with this condition? Any ideas for a remedy? Thanks!
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I have a hard time going back to sleep as well when something wakes me up.  Very frustrating and leads to a long day the next day. Does this happen a lot for you? I think you should talk to your doctor.  Gerd can cause you to wake up with stomach pain at night so you perhaps need a med change but other things can too like gallbladder issues.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/317690.php.  Do you eat before bed?

But you are saying spasm.   You don't mention your age.  If you are middle age, you should see a doctor to discuss this.  Believe it or not, an issue from the heart can radiate pain/spasm to that area.  You just want to rule it out.  It probably isn't, but better safe than sorry.  

A more likely cause though is dehydration.  Night spasms can be directly related to dehydration.  Do you get enough fluids during the day?  
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