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Weaning off Prilosec (Omeprazole)

I have been taking Omeprazole (Prilosec) since year 2000.  I am concerned about calcium absorption and bone loss and would like to wean from it.  Is bone loss a legitimate concern?  My last bone density showed osteopenia.    

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  Hi...yes this is a concern, and u should talk to ur Dr about taking Vit D w/calcium to help u....and ne other vitamins and minerals u may be lacking....the other issue is taking PPI's like Prilosec can cause ur body to not absorb the vitamins and minerals it needs be it naturally or from supplements.

Ur Dr should also help u step off the meds...u need to do this slowly...and make sure u r following a diet that will not trigger the symptoms.

Do u know the root cause of ur GERD and y u have been on it for so long?...do u have a hiatal hernia for example?

  Dealing with the root issue may also help u step off the meds.

  Good luck and do keep us posted


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It's a slippery slope when you eliminate a drug that has helped you.  Selma brings up good advice about vitamin D and the association it has with calcium.

There a number of factors that cause the problem of assimulating calcium and other minerals, including age, unfortunately.  Are you exercising?  That really is important regarding calcium absorption.  I'd suggest getting some sun exposure.  Also, are you getting regular blood tests?

From what I've read, the affect of Prilosec is pretty small, and an increase in exercise, sun exposure, weight loss, and a good vitamin can offset the effects of the drug.  

Keep us informed.
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Thank you for taking the time to give this good advice!  Have to get out of my computer chair and go outside to take a walk in the sunshine.  
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