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What is the cause of my SEVERE abdominal pain?

I had to go to the ER in early May for severe abdominal pain that had me doubled over in pain on my living room floor vomiting into a towel because I could not get up and walk (much less run) to the bathroom. I have had this pain before but it had never become sooooo severe. It always started out mildly between the end of my rib cage and my belly button. It never moved to either side. the worse it became, it would slowly move down into my pelvic bones it seemed & would occasionally cause kind of a numbing feeling in my right leg or foot. SO I go to the ER & they do bloodwork, but no scans of any kind, hook me to an IV & hydrate me & give me pain meds. All they found in my blood work was that my blood sugar was "a little" elevated. They sent me home. I followed up the next day w/ my regular doc & he said the "little" elevation in my blood sugar was 220. (I had had a yearly checkup in February & my blood sugar was 96 at that time.) So he prescribes Metformin for me, gives me a diet pill ( i weighed 232), and some Nexium for the pain in my gut--he offered no diagnosis of THAT problem. He sent me for abdominal & pelvic ultrasounds--both came back normal. I've now lost 22 pounds. I've seen him a few times since (he took me off the Metformin-it was making me nauseous ALL the time & Nexium cuz it obviously wasn't helping my stomach pain) & then I had to go back in early July for that same pain again & he sent me for CT scan. I do not have those results yet, but in all of my research, I can't find any DEFINITIVE cause for the pain, but i do find A lot of things that scare me when I speculate as to what the pain COULD be. Any ideas or directions as to where I should go or what type of doc I need to see?
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Severe abdominal pain in the central upper abdomen and newly diagnosed diabetes points towards pancreas involvement which could be made out with CT scan of the abdomen.
The possibilities are -
1, Chronic pancreatitis with intermittent flare up ( acute pancraetitis on the background of chronic pancreatitis).
2. Pancreatic malignancy should be ruled out if there is no family history of diabetes and you are an elderly individual.
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