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What is the prognosis for this endoscopic finding?

The endoscopic findings are:  Esophagus, a 3cm, ulcerated, non-circumferential mass lesion was present in the lower third with no active bleeding.  The Z-line was distinct.  Barrett's with tumor

We are waiting to see an oncologist and I would like to understand more.  The physician told us he is facing chemo/radiation and probable surgery.  A catscan of the chest and abdomen has been done.  Does this sound curable?

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Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Linda, outside what is obvious in ur question, I can not comment further as we r not drs here.This forum is a support forum, we share info and support to others going thru similar situations health wise.

From what I understand, u have a growth that ur dr feels may be Barrets......if found to be cancer they will need to do the chemo...and most likely remove the growth.

The oncologist is the one that will let u know if it is indeed cancer and what benefits this treatment would offer.

I wish I could say more, but it is the same thing u already knew.....

I would have to say no bleeding is a good sign...so hang on to a positive, and do post an update after u see ur oncologist.

Sending prayers all goes well.

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I think you have esophageal adenocarcinoma which develops from barret esophagus.
U may probably will undergo a sclerotherapy.
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Thank you for your response.  We have found out that my husband has Barret's disease and Stage 111 esophageal cancer.  We see the oncologist next week and he is facing chemo, radiation, and surgery.  

Thank you for your prayers, we are going to need them.  I beat advanced ovarian cancer, so we can beat this too, with God's help.

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Sending good vibes and prayers to ur DH, u and ur family and all in charge of ur DH'd care.

Please keep us posted on  his progress and fight.

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