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What should I do to ease my water brash?

I have been diagnosed with GERD/reflux. I told my doctor my chief complaint is water brash but he didn't seem to know too much about it. Every second week or so, I get water brash and stomach pain and nausea. The problem normally persist for a couple of days. After that I can stay without problems for a couple of days/week and then back again. Very frustrating.

I have been trying a couple of remedies. Stopped drinking coffee, wine, beer and stopped eating too late at night. Try to eat ginger on a daily basis.

Doctor tells me to medicate esomeprazol when in need. But I experience no/little effect from the medicine. I tried a couple of long term treatments with omeprazol as well but didn't feel better. Instead I felt better getting off the medicine.

So, this all boils down to my questions - what should I do to ease my water brash? Is there any other (apart from GERD) underlying sickness that could cause water brash?
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