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What's your experience with nissen fundoplication survey?

Hello, I'm new to the GERD community, but I've had acid reflux problems off and on for 10 years. I am sober, I don't drink alcohol or smoke or do drugs. I do LOVE my coffee, and today is my first day trying to give it up. I've been taking omeprazole for a month now. A few years ago I tried a 2 week course of omeprazole and it worked wonders to repair and prevent reflux, I had no symptoms for about 4 months, but then I had to do another 2 week course of 20 mg. Lately, even while taking 40 mg omeprazole, I can't tolerate ANY food except maybe the most bland foods you can think of. White meat chicken, rice, oatmeal, bananas, ect. If I eat anything else, I basically have extreme pain and burning, followed by diarrhea. I have has 2 colonoscopys (since my dad has a history of ulcerative colitis) and I've had an upper endoscopy. I am 33 years old. My doctor recommended taking pepcid and zantaz and altering my diet, but nothing is working. I want to be able to eat flavorful foods and drink coffee. I am a nursing student and under a lot of stress too. Anyway, sorry for the long story. My doctor says I have the option to consider nissen fundoplication surgery. Has anyone had it? If so, did it help you? Can you drink coffee and eat normal foods eventually? I am not overweight and I am active and eat a balanced diet when I'm able.
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That sounds pretty much like me !!! Mine has been longer, Just had another upper  scope about month ago, this time it feels like I have something stuck in my throat ... Doc"t said it should go away ??? I have hiatal hernia, when mine acts up it pushes up in my stomach and causes spasms in the esophagus , Feels like heart attack ... Been waking up at night choking on contents from stomach ! no fun.. Have you had upper scope to rule out hernia ???
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

The Nissen is done for both GERD or for a hiatal hernia....and there are many differing reports from members that have had the surgery....Flycaster had this surgery with positive results...you may want to have a chat with him....

I have not had it and do have a hiatal hernia and have found with modifying my diet and lifestyle  I can get it under control.....stress will trigger the symptoms to flare....

I know when symptoms are flaring it is important to not only take the meds, but avoid those foods and bevs that  affect this condition....that also means to try to relax as well....find ways to reduce your stress and anxiety.
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I had the NF procedure about 5 years ago.  I haven't had to take an antacid since.  My situation was so bad acid was turning my teeth black very quickly, dissolving the tooth enamel and burning my vocal cords.

The procedure calls for some research.  You have to know that you will have severe diet restrictions for 8 weeks, be prepared to lose between 10 - 20 pounds.  I'd also suggest you ask the surgeon how many procedures he/she has done.  Ignore the negative comments on the internet, in my opinion most failures are caused by eating solids too quickly.  Actually, the surgery has about 95% success.  A family member who has a love affair with food had the surgery and violated dietary restrictions, and tore loose the stiches in week 2.  Hope that helps.  
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