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acid reflux flare up

l was wondering if birth control pills can make you have flare ups.  My youngest daughter has a bad case of acid reflux and we have changed her birth control pills and she seems to be having a flare up....she was ok for the last 8 months and then once we changed them she started with a flare up, was wondering if maybe the kind of pill she is on is making her reflux meds not work?
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I dp remember reading somewhere that birth control pills can do that. Certtain meds cause me to have flairups too.  No fun. But the best way to tell is to change or go off the med. My last flair from meds once I went off took almost three months to clear.
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thank you for the info l will definitly be asking my dr about this.  Called my pharmacy this morning and they stated that it wasnt common for birth control to cause flareups but that it could happen.  We changed pills but have one of the old pills still available so we are going to try them and see if theres any difference. Will keep you all posted as to what happens!  All l know is that l have a teenager who should be out having fun but instead she spends all the time at home with me......
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Not just BC but many meds will...antibiotics will also cause a flare....so it is one of those things u have to keep an eye on when u have it...modify diet and lifestyle to aid meds .....

I pray ur DD's flare does not last....but u may want to ask her dr about a diff BC

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Thank you for all the useful info, she hasnt been diagnosed that long and its a learning thing as of now but hopefully will learn alot on here and will be one step ahead.......
thanxs again
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no worries...please post updates on her progress : )

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