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acid reflux+high blood pressure

Im 27, athletic, very active and just over the last year i started having high blood pressure. However at the same time few years ago i had to take something for my stomach.  So the same thing is happening now but my blood pressure seems to going up or stays up.  I have been on blood pressure meds and not helping. Now as soon as i take a few days as instructed of maalox. my blood pressure droped back to normal. I cook all my food never eat out, and i stay active. Im not the smartest guy in the world but it seems to me that there needs to be a study more so about this. has anyone else experienced the same thing? and i would rather not hear a doctors opinion unless they whole heartly in researching this out.  I mean..if acid manage to really get in your blood stream and or is able to mess with the anatomy of the blood i would say its possible and or mess with the nervouse system. *shrugs*

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Hi...I am not a dr.....none  r on this forum as this is a support community.

I also do not know,  but, I think if ur body is stressing it could raise ur BP.....if u have a hiatal hernia or some other issue that affects ur vagus nerve, I am wondering if that could then affect ur BP????

Have u been to a dr, a GI dr to see what is going on?....u may have a motility issue with ur LES.....all kinds of things could be going on...regardless of the BP connection, u need to see a dr...with the BP issue u should see a dr even sooner to rule nething out...active people can develop major health issues by thinking bcuz they r active they couldn't possibly have the problem...but u also have to look at family history too.

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Good luck

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I am dealing with the same type of problem...In December, i went to my yearly OB/gyn visit and they told me that my blood pressure was high (and i have always been very normal) I have been fighting colds and sinus infections since Oct. I went to see my doctor and she put me on bp medication...I was having alot of pains in my chest which has been pretty normal with my chronic sinus infections (i was told the pain was from drainage of my sinuses) It continued to worsen and when I went to see my doctor, she sent me to the er to make sure I was not having a heart attack (i am 34 yrs old) They told me there that I have acid reflux and put me on prilosec...I have not had much relief from the acid reflux and i am still on the bp meds. I am now looking into different dietary issues that could be causing all of this..try researching info on your body's balance between acidic and alkaline...there is some interesting info out there that may help.
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im a 23yr old female. in dec 2009 i went to the dr with major heartburn and upset stomach that had been persistant. my bp at this time was 126/100. I had never had a high bp reading before and im good about staying in good health and going to the dr. after getting an upper GI and prescribed Nexium i felt better and my bp was PERFECT...recently after going off of the nexium the heartburn is back and so is the high bp today my bp was 130/88. im sooooo frustrated at this....and drs say "theres no relation"
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I am a 35 year old woman who resides in Florida and I also exercise regularly and eat healthy. I have always suffered from stomach inflammation issues but never went diagnosed until late 2010. After an endoscopy it was discovered that I have acid reflux. I also was diagnosed with high blood pressure in 2010. I have a home blood pressure monitoring kit and sometimes notice spikes in my pressure (150/99) when I've consumed spicy or acidic foods. After taking acid reflux meds (prescription or over the counter) roughly one hour later my pressure returns to normal (120/80). Personally, I believe there is a correlation between the two, but I have yet to find any medical research supporting it. Groups like these definitely help!
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