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advice on these symptoms...

hi..i am 26 yrs old.i first experienced severe pain in my abdomen that radiates to my chest and back when i was 4 months pregnant.i thought it was due to my pregnancy.but after my pregnancy the pain was still there thats why my OBgyne requested for upper abdomen ultrasound.the result shows that i have gallstones.i consulted a surgeon and suggested urgent i decided to have an operation.but after my operation..i am still experiencing the same pain.i am crying almost every meal because it really hurt my back and abdomen..i also underwent endoscopy.the result was; severe hiatal hernia, esophagitis, mild ulcer, duodenitis, h pylory positive. they gave me, nexium,motillium,mucosta,clariget and antibiotics for a month..but to no avail..until now im suffering with this pain..

my im-gastro told me i shpuld continue nexium for three months...

help me so helpless..
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If you are that miserable and they are telling you to just take nexium for three months I would find that unacceptable. Sometimes patients don't let their Drs know how bad they really feel, you need to do that. If you live anywhere near a major medical center, I would consider getting a second opinion.

I know what symptoms like that can do to you physically and mentally and it can all snowball on you. I think you need to shake the "helpless" feeling and get yourself in a fight back mode. Confront your Dr, tell him you can't go 3 months like this. Go to another Dr. You know about the squeaky wheel. Keep us posted, you have friends and support here!
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