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air intake chest pain

Have had refux for years and take proton pump inhibitors.Of late, experienced more frequently atypical chest pain and much burping, wind etc which can last two or three hours and seemingly appears at random. Perhaps unsurprisingly often worse after food and movement. Had endoscopy, no hiatus hernia, and now await manometry test. Suggestion is it could be involuntary air intake , dysphagia mentioned, (no difficulty swallowing) causing build up of wind, hence pain, this makes sense but why? No heart problem. Also can experience missing pulse beat, no doubt to do with oesophagus.Disconcerting and irritating. Anyone, please, had similar and any suggestions before my tests?
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with my recent post I wrongly used "dysphagia" it should of course have been aerophagia.
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  Hi sorry I had not had these issues.....wonder if the xtra gas is from the meds....I suggest that as I only take the meds when needed now and notice an increase of gas when I take them.....

Have u had a PH test to determine if ur acid levels are high or low as ur symptoms would be the same.....something to consider.

Good luck with this next test and do let us know what u find out.
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