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alcohol induced pain in arm

I was wondering if anyone had experienced a severe ache in shoulder and arm all the way to wrist within a minute of just one swallow of any type of alcohol.  This started a year ago for me, and happens within one minute of just one swallow of any type of alcohol.  The pain seems to radiate in my arm, and now after a year of this will include the other arm as well.  It comes, peaks, then fades.  After the pain is gone I have no feeling of heartburn or upset stomach or anything.  It is so extremely painful and unpleasant I don't take a second swallow.  I have checked every so often to see if it still happens, since it started out of the blue, I have kind of expected it to go away out of the blue.  Instead the pain is getting more severe and lasts longer, and will include both arms rather than one, but will radiate all the way to my wrists at times.  I had a doctor tell me it could be from gerd, but it happens every time, and only with alcohol.  When I have bouts of heartburn it never radiates to my arms, sometimes my back, but never my arms.  I asked my Gastroenterologist if any of his patients had ever complained of this or if he had ever heard of this before and he said no.  Every other doctor just scratches their head and says they have never heard of it.  I have read reports and had one Pathologist say it is a symptom of Hodgkin's Disease, but I have no palpable enlarged lymph nodes.  Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am driving myself nuts trying to figure out what is causing this and the mechanism behind it.  Thank you all so much in advance
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Really???  No one with gerd has experienced this?  I feel like weirdo because it happens every time I attempt to drink.  One swallow and I am in pain.  Anyone?  Anyone at all?
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I, also, used to experience this same pain after just one drink of alcohol. But that was before I was diagnosed with a paraesphogial hernia. My stomach was completely jammed behind my heart, giving me terrible symptoms like stokes and heart attacks. After healing from my surgery, I tried alcohol once again, and to my surprise I didn't experience the pain. I can't say what's causing your pain down the arm, but this is what happened to me. Hope it helps.
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I can't believe I'm seeing this.  I too get that pain down my arms all the way to the wrists, but have never found an explanation.  I do have a hiatel hernia and gerd, but no doctor has ever used either as a cause.  It's just good to know I'm not alone on this.  The only reason I even looked it up on line was because of a program on public radio today.  They didn't mention this problem, but it got me thinking.
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Looks like you and I are in the same boat.  Can you tell me what it feels like for you?  How old are you by chance?  Does it happen with all alcohols all the time?
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